January 2022
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Historical Background

Our vision started a few years ago when the two Co-Founders – Ade Aderogba MBE and Nojeem Jimoh – met at the 2007 CIH annual conference in England. Both men discovered a shared ambition to transfer the housing knowledge, skills, and experiences acquired in the United Kingdom to Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general.

They decided to establish NUHS and invited several Nigerian UK-based housing professionals to join them – there are over 500 CIH members of Nigerian origin in the UK. The then CEO of CIH, the late Sarah Webb CBE, said this was a dream that the Institute would strongly support and she played a key role in guiding the Co-Founders towards the registration of NUHS as a not-for-profit organisation in the UK.  NUHS now provides a credible platform to represent professionals of Nigerian and African origin who work in the UK housing sector.

The NUHS vision was further advanced when NUHS made an application for funding to AfDB through DTCA/Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja. The successful award of funding led to the establishment of the African Housing Professionals Association of Nigeria, to deliver the project in Africa.

Position Statement:

Please read here NUHS – Position Statement

Executive Members:

  •  Mr Nojeem Jimoh, (Co-Founder NUHS)
  •  Mr Ade Aderogba, (Co-Founder NUHS)
  •  Ms Michelle Adeyinka, (President NUHS)
  •  Mr Adekunle Babayemi (Projects Director, AHPAN)
  •  Mr Akintokunbo Adejumo (Country Director for Nigeria)
  •  Ms Chuka Agbasiere (Treasurer),
  •  Mr Seyi Alade (FCT Abuja Director),
  •  Mr Greg Sho-Silva (Director for Membership/PR)
  •  Ms Fola Ope-Ezihe (General Secretary),
  •  Ms Kemi Lofinmakin (Committee Members)
  •  Ms Queeny Iroanya (Committee Members)


The Society seeks to bring together qualified and experienced housing practitioners and other relevant stakeholders engaged in housing related services. The principal aim of the NUHS is to create a pathway for providing professional housing management and training opportunities in Nigeria and Africa.


Our vision is to bring about visible change in the provision of affordable housing in Africa. NUHS aims to develop and establish professional standards in housing education, skills, and knowledge in order to bridge the existing gaps.